26 October 2018

Get That Smell Out of Your Car Today!

For almost anyone who owns a vehicle, a strange or bad odor in the cabin is inevitable. While sometimes the cause of these smells can be easy to remove, other times it can be much more difficult. If this is something you’re dealing with now and air fresheners just aren’t working, then North Park Car Wash is here to help. We offer in-depth cleaning that can get the smell out today so you can drive in peace and comfort once again. Here’s how we can help:

– Vacuuming

A lot of bad smells can linger in the car via the carpet, including the areas in-between the seats. That’s why we use small yet effective tools to vacuum up dirt, food, and any other impurities that lie in these areas. We address even the smallest of crevices to ensure all dirt is gone.

– Scrubbing

Is there a stain on your floor or interior? Let us help! We will gently yet effectively scrub the area until the mess is removed and the smell is eliminated. We’ll even get rid of any garbage so it doesn’t stand a chance in causing bad odors any longer.

– Seat Cleaning

This is one service we love to do because we know how much it can improve the smell in the interior of a car. Whether you have cloth or leather, we have the knowledge and tools that are necessary to clean it. You’ll be amazed at what a difference this can make in the overall smell inside of your vehicle.

With our in-depth cleaning services, the interior of your car can smell great the day you come in. If something is bothering you, don’t wait any longer to address it!