07 December 2018

Treat Your New Car to Detailing to Keep it Shining

After purchasing a new car, one of the biggest advantages is how clean it is. In addition to that “new car smell”, you also have dirt-free floorboards and sparkling clean cup holders without any stuck-on food. If you want to maintain this look for a long time to come, then visit our facility at North Park Car Wash. Our car wash in San Diego is one of the most popular because of our affordable prices, long list of services, and hard-working staff. Here’s what you can expect with our detailing service, in particular.

1. Deep Vacuuming

When you vacuum on your own, it can be difficult to get to all of the crumbs without the right attachments. However, when you have a professional take care of it, this won’t be an issue. We have all the attachments that get deep into the crevices in order to remove all food, dirt, and dust. We’ll leave your floors looking like new again.

2. Seat Cleaning

Worried about spilled drinks? Don’t be! We’ll clean the seats, whether they’re cloth or leather, so they look like new.

3. Dust and Wash

After washing the outside of your car, we’ll clean the interior so no more dust is left behind. This includes on the dashboard and even in the console areas that can be difficult to clean on your own!