The community of Kensington is a beautiful little nook located in the San Diego area. Although it's small in size, it's still packed full of things for residents to do. This includes the option to dine out at some of the delicious restaurants or attend family activities at parks and local shops. Kensington is also relatively close to larger cities where residents can find even more to do all throughout the year. With so much in close proximity, a car is essential. If you find yourself driving often, whether immediately in Kensington or to the many surrounding cities, then it's very likely your car will get dirty over time. If you're busy but still want to keep your car clean, visit our team at North Park Car Wash. We have quick car washes that will take little of your time but still leave your car clean from the inside to the outside. If you have a little bit more time, then we also offer detailing and waxing to help make your car shine like new. Going on a road trip? Come see us when you get back. We'll clean your car up and even deep clean the inside so crumbs from food and pet hair are completely eliminated. Our team is efficient, detail-oriented, and dedicated to making every car that comes to us look great!

Visit Northpark Car Wash or Call Us (619) 280-5484

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