The suburban neighborhood of Hillcrest is vibrant and beautiful with great restaurants and spots for families to hang out. Hillcrest also has the privilege of having beautiful weather, albeit there are occasional rain storms that can interfere with the sunny skies. If you happen to find yourself out in one of these storms, you might be worried about water spots being left on your car. At North Park Car Washes, we want to help. We offer quick yet thorough car washes that are done with the best machinery that's always kept in great form. When you make a trip to come and visit us, we'll take care of your car so you can avoid developing water spots that can ultimately ruin your paint and shine. We've been part of the San Diego area for years and love helping locals keep their cars looking great. We even have additional services to help keep your car looking beautiful, including waxing, interior cleaning, headlight restoration, and detailing. Although Hillcrest isn't the biggest neighborhood, it's one of the very best. With so many things to go and see, there's no reason to keep the car inside if you want to experience the best of the area. Whether it rains or you get dirt on your tires from cruising around beachy areas, we're the team that can help keep your car sparkling clean.

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