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Get your vehicle looking like it just rolled out of the showroom with our thorough car detailing services. At North Park Car Wash, we offer a series of car detailing services that can completely transform your vehicle. Choose from our pricing menu below, or create your own custom auto detailing service.

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Custom Car Detailing

Clean & Protect Your Vehicle

Are you looking for car detailing near you? At North Park Car Wash, our car detailing services is backed by a wealth of knowledge, state of the art equipment, and quality products. If you are looking for a team of car detailing specialists in San Diego, you’ve come to the right place. Visit us today to restore your vehicle’s beauty and shine.

Detailing your car can provide you with more than just a gleaming exterior. Below are just a few of the many benefits you can experience by having your car detailed consistently.

Aussie Wax

Aussie Wax Hand Sprayed Triple Foam Conditioner Air Freshener Wheel Cleaner Clear Coat Conditioner
*Includes a Full Service Car Wash

Interior Super Clean

All Plastic Vinyl Cleaned & Conditioned Vents and Crevices Blown Out with Compressed Air
*Includes Full-Service Car Wash

Headlight Restoration

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Full Service Detail

Complete exterior and interior detailing available by estimate only.

Estimate Only

Removing Dirt & Debris

Reduce Paint Fading With frequent trips to the nearest auto detailing shop in San Diego, you can reduce the likelihood of your vehicle’s paint fading. When you have your car detailed at North Park Car Wash, our specialists leave a very thin layer of wax on the exterior of your car, giving it a stunning finish, while adding a layer of protection. This allows your paint to last longer, and fade less rapidly..

Stunning Finish

The most obvious benefit of car detailing is the stunning showroom-like finish that is left. Detailed cars always stand out from the rest. You’ll never see someone aweing over a dull, dirty car. Let others see your beautiful investment in the same light that you do with a fresh detail service from North Park.

Providing Long-Term Protection

As briefly mentioned before, when you have your car detailed, there’s a thin layer of wax that is left behind that acts as a protectant from dirt, fading, and other environmental damages.

Many car detailing professionals finish their services with proper sealants for even more protection that will allow your vehicle to stay cleaner, longer.

Best Detailing Services in North Park

At North Park Car Wash, we truly value your business. It is our mission to help each and every client that walks through our door achieve a better car wash experience. No matter if this is your first time detailing your car or if you are looking for something specific, we are here to help.

We invite and encourage you to visit our car wash off the 805 freeway to get a fast and convenient car detailing service—tailored to your exact needs.

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