University Heights

Anyone who lives in University Heights knows that it's one of the best neighborhoods in San Diego. Along with a lot of spots for live entertainment there are also great restaurants, night clubs, and coffee shops nearby as well. However, this is an area where a car is generally a necessity, which means you'll need to make upkeep a priority. While this should mean regular oil changes and tire rotations, car washes are also important. At North Park Car Wash, we want you to enjoy all that University Heights has to offer with a safe and clean car. Whether you need the outside washed after a rain storm or you need the inside detailed after a trip to the beach, we can do it all. Our team has years of experience with cleaning small cars, large trucks, and spacious SUVs, so you can trust them to make sure your car is cleaned as beautifully as possible. When you arrive to our facility, we'll ask you what services you need and get started right away. Once finished, you'll be ready to roll around town in a ride that looks great! While cleaning your car on occasion can be rewarding, if you have a busy schedule with activities to do in University Heights, there's no reason to do it yourself. To make things easier, give us a chance to show you why locals love us!

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