19 October 2018

On a Budget: Ways to Save on a Car Wash

At North Park Car Wash, affordability is one of our biggest priorities. If you’re on a budget, we’d love to help while still keeping your car clean. A few of the services that we’re proud to offer for lower prices include:

– Full Service Wash

As our most budget-friendly wash, this is one you can enjoy spending less on while still getting more for your money. It includes a thorough wash in addition to vacuuming, window cleaning, a towel dry, and dash/console wipe. You’ll only pay a small amount extra if you have an oversized vehicle, although our prices are still affordable for these vehicles as well. You can rely on this as your go-to wash to save money while keeping your car clean.

– Basic Detailing

If you want your car detailing but don’t have a big budget, don’t worry. We offer car detailing in San Diego and the surrounding areas for an affordable price. While we do have more in-depth detailing services, our basic is still very comprehensive. it will get rid of the dirt and dust inside your vehicle while cleaning every inch of the outside as well. This is a great way to refresh your car or get it ready for a sale.

– Interior Clean

If you want something simple and affordable without detailing, then we welcome you to have our staff do a thorough interior clean. This will remove all garbage and refresh your seats so stains and dirt/dust are removed. In addition to this, we’ll do a thorough vacuuming job for added cleanliness.

To help yous save even more, we offer specials throughout the money and frequent visitor programs. Come in and see us to learn more about our prices or just give us a call!