Signs It’s Time for a Full-Service Car Detail
Signs It’s Time for a Full-Service Car Detail

Your car is something you likely take pride in, but are you guilty of going a little bit too long without washing it? While it's not necessary to have your car detailed every week or even month, it is something you should consider doing on occasion. At North Park Car Wash, we want to share some of the top signs that it may be time for a car detailing.

1. Dust Everywhere
Do you notice your car's interior is covered with dust, or dust comes out of your vent as soon as you turn on the a/c or heater? Dust can accumulate quickly and be difficult to remove without the right tools. When a professional does the detailing for you, they remove it from the cup holders, vents, dash, and more.
2. Unpleasant Odor
When you get into your car, the smell can become less than pleasant over time. From food caught underneath the seat to pets and kids, there are many reasons why odors linger. With a deep cleaning like what you get with detailing, your upholstery and flooring will be refreshed so your car smells like new again
3. Scratches and Spots
If there are scratches and water spots on the outside of your car, detailing can help. At North Park Car Wash we specialize in making every inch of your vehicle shine, including the exterior. We'll even leave it with a fresh coat of polish that helps keep it looking like new for longer.
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