How to Keep the Cost of Regular Car Washes Down
How to Keep the Cost of Regular Car Washes Down

At North Park Car Wash, we want to help our valued customers save money wherever possible. While our affordable prices are part of that effort, we don't stop there. We are proud to announce that we have special offers that regularly rotate in order to give our customers the very best deals possible. If you take pride in making sure your car looks clean and safe, we understand that the cost of car services can become expensive. That's why our special offers are well worth taking advantage of each time they are offered!

What can you expect with the special offers from North Park Car Wash?

- Affordable Prices

Whether you have your car washed once per month or once per week, we want to make sure it's within your budget. That's why we offer a variety of different types of washes to choose from. From basic to comprehensive, these are each incredibly affordable ways to keep your car clean. However, when you choose a special offer that's only available for a limited time, you'll get even more for your money.

- Great Service

Our special offers always come with the great service that we are known for. We're glad to pass savings along to you so you can experience the type of work we do without worrying about expense.

- A Variety of Options

From a car wash that includes a complimentary wax to no charge for interior cleaning on an oversized vehicle, we have options that are fit for every customer. With that, you'll find a special offer that can save you money for something you really want to have done!

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