30 March 2018

Get Results You Want at North Park Car Wash

When you wash your car at home or go to a quick car wash, do you notice spots that are left behind? Whether these are hard water stains or dirt that was missed during washing, it can ruin the overall look of your vehicle. At North Park Car Wash, we don’t want you to have results you won’t be proud to show off. That’s why we specialize in sparkling clean cars, whether you come in for a normal wash or in-depth detailing service.

Our Difference:

– Experienced Staff

We have a team of cleaners who have been with us for years. We regularly update their training to ensure each individual withholds the highest standards when it comes to car cleaning. Our priority is to have a staff that loves what they do because they agree on doing things right. They are a major reason why our customers keep coming back to us for beautiful results.

– Quality Materials

From the soft washcloths we dry with and the high quality machinery that we regularly maintain, we use the highest quality materials. Even our wax, soap, and sponges are chosen with care! We want the best results and know quality matters.

– Attention to Detail

No matter what service you’re coming in for, we will pay close attention to detail to ensure your entire vehicle looks great. With our help, you’ll drive away in style knowing there are no missed areas that are left dirty.

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