11 May 2018

How to Get Your Car to Shine

There’s no doubt that having a clean car can make even an older vehicle look quite impressive. However, a shiny level can take a car to the next level. If you’ve tried to achieve this on your own but haven’t found a method that works, come on over to North Park Car Wash. We specialize in making cars look clean and beautiful so car owners love their rides more than ever.

Making Your Car Shine

To give your car the gleam you want, we begin with comprehensive washing. This means addressing the front, back, top, and even bottom. This is finished with hand-drying to ensure there are no water spots left behind. From there, our experts will gently apply high quality wax to the surface. This is done with attention to detail, so you won’t have to worry about not loving the results.

Once we’re finished, your car will look incredible! Waxing makes any paint job look better than ever before and can even make your car look like new again. This is long-lasting and can even help protect your paint from damage due to the elements outside.

Why Choose Us?

At North Park Car Wash, we’re a local favorite because of our five-star service and beautiful results. We make each customer a priority because we appreciate your business. When you come to us, we’ll work hard to give your car a beautiful shine.

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