21 July 2018

How to Keep Your Paint Healthy

At North Park Car Wash, paint is something we care about because we know our customers care about it. When it comes to keeping this detail of a car in great shape, we would like to share the tips below. Whether your car is brand new or a bit older, these can help make sure the paint stays looking great for longer.

1. Regular Washes

While you might think that car washes only help with making your car look good, did you know they are also important for paint health? That’s because car washes gently yet effectively get rid of dirt, dust, mud, and even minerals from the rain. If you wash your car once per week, you’ll find the paint stays looking much shinier.

2. Waxing on Occasion

Waxing is another service we can’t recommend enough, especially when done by a trained professional. At North Park Car Wash, we select the proper wax based on your paint and the results you’re after. Once finished, you’ll see a like-new shine that you’ll absolutely love.

3. Detailing

Once every six months, we highly recommend having detailing service done. The benefits for your paint are endless, as this gives the exterior of your car much-needed attention. We tackle all the dirt, dust, and buildup before we gently coat it with wax for a beautiful shine.