Headlight Restoration and Car Vacuuming
Headlight Restoration and Car Vacuuming

If you've been to our car wash, you know that we care about the work that we do. Even a traditional quick wash is something we take pride in by having the best machinery that's always well maintained. While we enjoy cleaning the cars of the locals in the area, we recently added more services to help make our customer's lives easier. If you're not familiar with these alternative services, we invite you to learn more about them!

Headlight Restoration

When you look at your headlights, are they cloudy and difficult to really see at night? This can make it difficult to clearly see while you're driving at night, which can be dangerous. While many mechanics will recommend swapping out the headlights completely, our team at North Park wants to offer you an alternative. Headlight restoration is one of the best services we offer because it's so effective. It will refresh your headlights so they are crystal clear and allow your lights to shine bright so you can see while driving.

Car Vacuuming

When was the last time you had your car thoroughly vacuumed? This service is something we proudly offer because we know what a difference it can make with the overall appearance of the interior of your car. This begins with vacuuming the inside from top to bottom. It continues with blowing out the vents and smallest of crevices with compressed air. It's finished with conditioning and cleaning to ensure all materials are left in great shape. These services are new staples for us because they are done by professionals who care about beautiful results. When you come to us, we promise you'll love the way your car looks when you drive away!

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