What to Expect with Detailing Service
What to Expect with Detailing Service

Are you thinking about having your car detailed? At North Park Car Wash, we welcome you to give us a visit. We're known for our car washes, detailing service, and so much more! Whether you have a small compact car or a large SUV, our detailing professionals will make sure every square inch is beautifully cleaned. We can even tackle messes from kids or pets! If you're interested in learning more about what you can expect with this service, some of the details can be found below.

Included Services:

- Vacuuming
- Dusting
- Hand Wax
- Wash
- Wheel Cleaning
- Headlight Restoration
- Clear Coat Conditioner
- Vent Cleaning
- Small Crevice Cleaning
- Plastic and Vinyl Cleaning
- Air Freshener

What more could you want out of detailing? We make sure the entire interior and exterior of your car is finished to be 100% flawless. Our team is equipped with the tools, experience, and training that leave you with results that you'll love. Perhaps this is why we're one of the leading car washes in San Diego, especially when it comes to our detailing services. While oversized SUVs will be extra, you can rest easy knowing our prices are always affordable. We even have specials throughout the year to save you even more.

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