Hidden Food: Get it Out With Interior Car Cleaning
Hidden Food: Get it Out With Interior Car Cleaning

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, having food in your car can become a necessity. From kids with snacks to adults with on-the-go meals, sometimes it's difficult to wait to eat something. Unfortunately, this can leave strange smells lingering in your vehicle. This is especially true when chicken nuggets have rolled under the seat or burrito wrappers get lost in between consoles. If you're looking for a way to get the smell and lost food out, then a deep cleaning may be necessary.

Helping You Find the Lost Food

Instead of wearing heavy-duty gloves and a mask to find the missing food in your car, come by and visit our experts at North Park Car Wash. Trust us when we say, we've seen it all! We can find the trash, old food, and other garbage in your car so there's no crumb left behind. We'll vacuum, wash the floors, and attack even the smallest crevices to get all smells and trash out. We pay attention to detail and take our time to make sure the results are nothing less than perfect.

Once finished with detailing and cleaning, we'll leave you with an air freshener to enhance your driving experience even more. Trust us, there's nothing better than having a clean car!

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