Are You Washing Your Car Properly?
Are You Washing Your Car Properly?

A sponge and some soap is all it takes to wash your car, right? While you might able able to use these supplies to get the dirt off the exterior, you could be causing problems without even knowing it. From a rough sponge scratching the paint to the wrong soap dulling the shine and causing the paint to peel, it can be difficult to achieve the right type of clean. At North Park Car Wash, we want to help!

What are some signs that you may not be washing your car properly?
- Using household dish soap
- Not using a sponge designed for cleaning the exterior of a car
- Only washing areas you can see
- Not properly drying
In time, any of these improper cleaning procedures could cause your car to begin looking older with the paint becoming dull. Want to avoid this? The best way to do so is to have your car cleaned professionally! While you might think this is a more expensive and time-consuming option, that's not the case at North Park Car Wash.
Did you know that we have special programs to help save you money? We also have special offers available throughout the month that can make everything from a detailing session to a quick wash more budget-friendly.
Should You Wash Your Own Car?
If you make sure you use high quality cleaning equipment and wash/dry the entire vehicle, then cleaning your own car is never a bad idea. However, don't skip regular cleanings with a professional to help get deep dirt/mud off of your car while leaving a beautiful shine.
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