20 September 2018

New Car? Let us Help With Waxing

There are many waxing products on the market, but applying them properly and making sure you buy the right one can be complicated. If you want to resolve the confusion, come over to North Park Car Wash for help. We’re one of the most popular car washes in San Diego and offer waxing services that will help keep your new car looking new. We’re different from other companies because:

– We use high quality wax
– We train each of our employees
– We use soft cloths and special techniques
– We love what we do

When you come to us for waxing services, here’s what you can expect:

– Full Service Car Wash

Let’s start things off right by giving your car a deep clean. Our full service car wash will get rid of all the dirt and dust that’s on your car to give it the perfect base for waxing.

– Clear Coat Conditioner

This will help keep the paint healthy and prevent rusting over time. This dries clear so you won’t even notice it’s there.

– Wheel Cleaner

Your wheels should be just as clean as the rest of your car; which is why we take care of cleaning the wheels!

– Triple Foam Conditioner

We don’t stop at clear coat conditioner, because we want to keep your paint in good shape.

– Hand-Sprayed Aussie Wax

We hand spray wax because we make precision a priority. Once on your car, it will dry beautifully and leave an incredible shine that will make it look newly painted.