Hand Car Wash San Diego

Looking for the Best Hand Car Wash in San Diego?

At North Park Car Wash, we have been the leading car wash in the San Diego area since the 1940s. Our fast and friendly car wash specialists are constantly innovating our car wash services to ensure you are getting a quality wash, with vehicle safety guaranteed.

What to Expect

When you drive onto our lot, our friendly car wash experts will take the time to get know your wants and needs to give you a quality hand car wash tailored to your exact needs. Using the best techniques, products, and best practices, our car wash experts will begin washing your car to your specifications to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Our team takes the initiative to clean your car thoroughly and fully, without the hassle of long wait times. All of our hand car washes are designed to get your car in tip-top shape quickly and effectively. At North Park Car Wash, your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Why Choose North Park Car Wash?

When you choose North Park Car Wash, you choose quality. We are constantly innovating our car wash services and procedures to ensure you are getting the best wash, backed by the best products on the market. Using the best machinery and careful techniques, our team can give your vehicle a state of the art hand car wash that can improve the appearance and performance of your vehicle. To get a great car wash with a higher level of service, we invite you to drive on our lot today.