20 September 2017

Have Kids? How to Keep Your Car Clean

Most parents know that once you have a child, your ability to keep your car clean goes out the window. This is especially true for the new car, which is where kids are notorious for spilling drinks, dropping food, and making the biggest messes possible. While the ability to keep your car spotless while still having kids is unlikely to happen, that doesn’t mean your car has to be a disaster all the time. In order to keep your vehicle clean, use these time-tested tips from our team at North Park Car Wash.

1. Pick Up Garbage Daily

Make it a priority to pick up the garbage from the inside of your car every day. It will only take a few minutes and can help you avoid those piles of trash that tend to get stuck under your seats. This is especially important for food, as cleaning it up as soon as possible will prevent bad smells from lingering.

2. Schedule Cleaning

Come to see our experts at North Park Car Wash on a regular basis! One of the best recommendations we can make is one of our car wash packages that includes interior cleaning. Whether you come once per week or bi-weekly, we promise this will help make the interior of your car look better with time. We clean up the crumbs, get rid of the old food, and even remove stains so your car’s interior is healthier.

3. Use Conditioner

If you have leather car seats, it’s important to use conditioner to keep it healthy and moisturized. This can also help minimize the chance of damage from children’s car seats and booster seats.


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